Model Area Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi, East Jawa Province

Mangrove Blok Bedul is located near to the border zone of Alas Purwo National Park in banyuwangi, East Jawa Province. Ecotourism is the main activity initiated by the villagers to protect 2,300 Ha of mangrove ecosystem from illegal activities, and bring alternative activities to improve local people welfare through ecotourism management.


Mangrove Bedul Ecoutourism was established with the MoU signed between the Village Chief with the Head of Alas Purwo National Park in 2008. So far, this organization has been solely managed by the tourism board consisting of the local villagers, make this project a genuine community-based tourism initiative, unique to Alas Purwo National Park. 

There was several activities have been done under the collaboration with local goverment of Banyuwangi, Alas Purwo National Park, as well as Mangrove Management Center Region I, in order to improve local people welfare.

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